Posted on Dec 13, 2018

Blacktown Plumbing

As you wash your face in the morning, you notice that water is draining at a snails speed. This is a sign of a blockage problem, and if you don’t act swiftly to fix it, you might be in for a disaster that might compromise the overall integrity of your home.

You need to seek blocked drains and drain cleaning services whenever a blockage issue arises. But the question is, how much does blocked drains cost?

Well, blockages are different in severity. There are those that limit the speed in which water flow down the drain, and there are those that prevent water from draining. Well, a drain clearing costs vary depending on array of factors, but a professional plumber will charge an average of $120-$250 for a severe blockage.

There are small tasks that only require a plunger and a drain cleaner. Such a drain clearing service will last for about an hour, and a plumber will charge you around $20. However, if you don’t solve a blockage as soon as you notice it, you might end up paying about $45-$150 an hour if it turns out to be a disaster. This means that there is a blockage that can cost as much as $500.

The factors that affect cost include;
• The materials needed to complete the job and their prices in your local market
• Severity of the blockage
• Number of clogs
• The root cause of the blockage.
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